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General Liability


Target Classes

Artisan Contractors

Auto Service



Financial Institutions

Grocery Stores


Hotels / Motels


Light Manufacturing


Office Buildings


Retail - all types


Business owners open their doors daily to a multitude of potential lawsuits. Slip and falls, product liability claims, liquor liability accidents, construction defect, cyber-attacks, insufficient security, food poisoning and many others. Novum is a leading national wholesale insurance broker and managing general agent that works closely with top casualty markets to secure the specific liability coverage your unique insured needs. We are committed to the highest professional and service standards to meet the needs of our retail agent partners.

GL Expansion Endorsements

Alienated Premises

Product Recall Expenses

Primary Non-Contributory

Broad Notice of Occurrence

Per Location and Project Aggregate

Blanket Additional Insured

Blanket Waiver of Subrogation

Up to $50,000 for damage to personal property in the insured's care

Up to $50,000 in professional services

Broadened causes of loss and increased limit for Damage to Premises

Increased Supplementary Payment

Extended reporting period for Medical Payments coverages

Per location aggregate up to $5 million

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