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Lumbermen's Workplace Safety Association Offers Safety Group Dividend Program

A Safety Group Dividend Program is now available to members of the Lumbermen’s Workplace Safety Association. It is designed to reduce the overall workers’ compensation insurance costs of the group.  This is done through an industry specific, conscientious program of risk management, as well as, returning a dividend to policyholders.  With good loss performance, those in the group can potentially receive a dividend of up to 12% of their policy premium earned during the plan year.


Eligibility for the LWSA Safety Group Dividend Program is reserved for a member of the association, and a workers’ compensation policyholder with AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.  You must choose to join the Safety Group Dividend Program by signing a dividend election form.


Workers’ compensation policies written for members of the association by AmTrust are eligible for the dividend plan. If those in the group have good loss performance, there is a potential of receiving a dividend payment of up to 20% of your eligible policy premium earned during the plan year, which runs from January 1st to December 31st. However, if those in the group experience unfavorable loss performance, there is no penalty.

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